Krishnendu Dutta (Sarod)

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1- 1ST Position Award on Vocal Competetion

About Me:

INTRODUCTION :-- Krishnendu Dutta Professionally an Indian classical Musician Playing Sarode(Maihar Seniya Gharana)..!!! TALIM/MUSIC LEARNING:::-- Born in a highly enriched musical family,Krishnendu Classical music journey on Vocal Trening started only 2years his age,Under the guidence first his guru,Mother Smt."Malati Dhar Dutta"{disciple of Music Director Shri.Santosh Mukhopadhyay,Legendary Late.Pandit Jagdish Prasad,Smt.Chandreyee Bhattacharya(disciple of Ghazal Maestro A.Hariharan),Shri.Baloo Dutta(disciple of Ghazal Maestro Ghulam Ali),Shri.ArnabChatterjee(disciple of Pandit A.Kanan)},Thereafter legendary Late.Pandit Jagdish Prashad,Smt.Geetoshree Bhattacharya,Smt.Chandreyee Bhattacharya(disciple of Ghazal Maestro A.Hariharan),Shri."Baloo Dutta"(disciple of Ghazal Maestro Ghulam Ali) tied him “Ganda“ in Kolkata,and Shri."Aniruddha Bhattacharjee"(disciple of Pandit A.Kanan),..!!!! Atlast his Decission playing Sarode,.His Talim and guidence From Maihar Seniya Gharana,He has now been developing his musical personality under the guidance of Late.Vidushi "Ameena Perera(daughter of Swara Samrat Late.Ustad Ali Akbar Khan)",Maestro Ustad Aashish Khan And Shri.Alam Khan And Sri.Debanjan Bhattacharjee. He have participated in workshop conducted by Ustad Aashish Khan"..!!!! He also take taal and laya lessons from Shri.Goutam Chakraborty(disciple of Pandit Shankar Ghosh).. All Guidence,Love in his life...!!!! He is now performing Sarode recital at different music conferences throughout India and received blessing from many music experts. ACHIEVEMENTS:::::--- He received 1ST Position Award on Vocal Competetion. PERFORMENCE IN HOMETOWN KOLKATA :::::----- 1>15th Aug 2012-"Maihar Seniya Gharana Presents-Anuranon",Acharya Baba Alauddin khan saheb's 150 year and Swara Smrat Ustad Ali akbar Khan 90th Year Birthday Celebretion Festival.. At Chakdaha,Nadia,Sanyal Sadan auditoriam..!! 2>20th July 2013-I have Participated in Workshop Conducted By Ustad Aashish Khan(Guruji).... 3> 9th October 2014 At 7 p.m-"GHOSH-BARI PRESENTS AN EVENING OF INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC ON THE SACRED OCCASION OF VIJAYA". At The Netaji Park,Chakdaha, Nadia.. 4>5th September 2015 - "Duet Festival" At Dr.Triguna Sen Auditorium(Jadavpur University),Jadavpur,Kolkata 5> 6th Sep '15 - "Baithak" From Kaishiki Arts and Research Centre,At Alipore,Kolkata 6> 15th Aug ’16- “Classical Concert” From Jivandeep Sports and Cultural Assosiation,At Community Center,LIC Township, Madhyamgram,Kolkata 7>23rd January ’17 – “Maihar Concert” At Madhyapradesh

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