For publication, Hamsadhwani generally sets two types of Articles:

1. Research Based Articles and
2. (Non – Research) General Articles/Essays on Indian Music


The length of a write up should conveniently be limited in 1500-2500 words.

Section A: Research Based Articles:

Style: The manuscript must be

i) In MS Word format on a standard A4 size paper setting.
ii) Paper must be prepared on a single space and single column with 1” margin set for top, bottom, left and right.
iii) Font: English: Font name: Times New Roman. Font size: 12 pt. Hindi: Font name: Kruti Dev 010, Font size: 12 pt.

Paper Format

1. Cover Page:

i) Title of Paper
ii) Name of Author(s)
iii) Institutional Affiliation(s) of Author(s)
iv) Mailing Address(s)
v) Email Address(s)
vi) Contact No(s)

2. Abstract:

An abstract of 100-150 words.

3. Keywords:

Please provide 4 to 6 keywords. Keywords should reflect the focus area of the study.

4. The write up should start with an Introduction and end with a Conclusion summarizing the main idea(s)

5. Reference:

At the end of the write up, all references should clearly be mentioned with proper citations. For example:


Sharma Dr. Swatantra. Fundamentals of Indian Music. Delhi: Pratibha Prakashan,1996, p.20

Note: Here the italic sentence implies the title of the book.


Bhagawati, Dr. Biju Kumar. (2013, November). भारतवर्ष के कोने कोने में गूंजती भक्ति के सूर-लहरी Golden Research Thoughts (Online and Print). 3(5) pp 01-04. Available online at

Note: Here 3(5) denotes as Vol. 3 Issue 5


1. The paper must be plagiarism free and original and unpublished.
2. Author should be careful regarding grammatical and typographical errors.
3. Please include a short third- person biographical note and a latest passport size photograph in your submission.

B. (Non – Research) General Articles/Essays:

• The Article should be in MS Word format. The title of the Article should be 12 point Times New Roman or Kruti Dev 010 Font. It should be bold, centered and capitalized.
• The Author’s full name, designation/affiliation, mailing address, Email address, contact no. should be clearly typed in above mentioned fonts. It must be aligned right below the title of the Article.
• Main Text: There is no compulsion to follow a definite structure.
• At the end, the authors should follow the same instructions for the References as mentioned above in the Research Based Articles section.