'Hamsadhwani' is a long cherished dream, chased by Pt. Late Gurupada Bhattacharya ji. It is an outcome of the collaborative efforts of Pandit Guru Pada Sewadham and M K Foundation (a registered non profit charitable Trust). Inspired by the sweet memories of Late Panditji, 'Hamsadhwani' dedicates it's self to the promotion of Indian culture as a whole and Indian Classical Music in particular.

Since 1995, we, the Hamsadhwani, have been promoting and spreading Indian Classical Music over almost each and every nook and corner of the state and the country with utmost selfless efforts. To achieve this goal, under the banner of 'SangitSandhya' and 'Hamsadhwani', we have been organizing Indian Classical Music programs and events ceaselessly. We are proud to mention some names of repute who with their performances and associations with us have made us feel honoured. They are: PanditAnindoChatterjee, Pandit Kumar Bose, Ustad Mohammad Akram Khan, UstadIlmasHussain Khan, PanditKushal Das, PanditYogeshShamsi, Sri ParimalChakravorty, PanditSandeep Das (Winner of Grammy Award of 2016) and Sri JayateerthMevundi.

The sapling of 'Pt. GurupadaSewaDham' was planted out on a rooftop of merely 1000 sqft, way back in 1995, under very difficult circumstances and with meager resources. But with our honest and sincere efforts and support of many benevolent faces along with the names of repute mentioned above, the Caravan gained its momentum and finally we become a brand name today.

The rich heritage of Indian Music (Hindustani and Karnatic) has widely been praised and recognized all over the globe. The objective of Hamsadhwani is that together with the renowned and established music artists , young and aspiring musicians should also come to the focus. Keeping this in mind our registered Trust has launched a website namely 'www.hamsadhwani.org'.

In 'www.hamsadhwani.org', we have planned and executed many innovative ideas to promote Music. Among all, mention may be able made of 'The Hamsadhwani Musicians’ Gallery'.The objective of this column is to bring all the talented and deserving young and aspiring artistes of the country under one roof so that together they may able to explore the realm of Music with a larger and broader perspective. This platform is meant for Music in its varied forms - Indian Classical(Vocal, Instrumental and Dance) Indian Folk (Vocal, Instrumental and Dance) and Western (Vocal, Instrumental and also Bands).

Here, each registered artist will be given a page where the artist will upload and upgrade his/ her profile, achievements, photographs, current performances and videos via youtube. With a nominal yearly contribution, Hamsadhwani offers all young and aspiring artists of Music a platform to enhance, exchange and introduce their talent to the globe.

Finally, we also solicit your valuable rating in the column website. Here, we are providing a space for all the guests and visitors for rating the performances of the artists in the respective pages allotted to them so that they get motivated and boosted up.

Thank you The team 'Hamsadhwani’